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Restoring Quality of Life through technology


NeuroTargeting mission is to organize, enrich and integrate the world’s neurological data to improve patient care.

NeuroTargeting is building data-rich platforms and applications beneficial to patients, physicians, healthcare companies and researchers. Through the CranialCloud™ platform, NeuroTargeting is building the most advanced cloud-based software to support the continuum of neurological care.


Technology supported by decades of medical and technical expertise





A cloud-based architecture to support trans-institutional collaborative efforts in neuronal disorders
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A modular system for stereotactic procedures from planning to navigation guidance to postoperative programming
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Access deeper business, operational and clinical insights
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My CranialCare™

Preserving patients’ quality of life through technology
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Revolutionizing Patient Care

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Organize, enrich and integrate neurological data to improve patient care


Our Vision

At Neurotargeting, we value innovative approaches to problem-solving and we take pride in making an impact on people’s life through the improvement of patient care.

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Our Talents

Self-driven, motivated to work in a rich environment composed of project leaders, engineers, surgeons, neurologist, our people like to take part in impactful projects.

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